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March 8th, 2010 by Matt

Amazing Spider–Man #14

Amazing Spider–Man #14
The Green Goblin!

In addition to the Marvel Masterworks website I mentioned in a previous post, here are a couple more must–see websites for Marvel Maniacs.

Sadly, the “Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index” link is no longer valid. I do hope that the author brings this site back as it was a tremendous resource for Marvel fans. If anyone has an update for this, let me know and I will gladly update the link. Great news! The link to the Silver Age marvel Comics Cover index is back. Thanks a lot, Rand.

The first is the Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index, which is a great resource giving you examples of every Silver Age Marvel cover in a great month–by–month format. So, for example, if you wanted to see every cover for the month that Spider–Man #14 (July 1964, 1st appearance of the Green Goblin, by the way) was produced, you can. Very cool! Incidentally, this was the first Marvel book I remember owning and reading as a 5–year–old kid. I read this baby until it was in tatters. Nice one to start with, huh? I’ve been of fan of artist Steve Ditko, Spidey, and the Green Goblin ever since!

The second is a companion website that lists all of the great Marvel Bullpen Bulletins that were such a huge part of Marvel comics and their fans. Inspired and mostly written by Stan Lee, they are written in his cool, breezy style that made all of us feel as if he were writing directly to us. Awesome, “didja know!”

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Jack Kirby Museum…Redux

February 24th, 2010 by Matt

Back in 2005, I blogged about the then–new Kirby Museum on the Web. I just took a look and it is indeed going full–tilt, hitting on all cylinders! There are a ton of new articles, and most importantly, tons of great Kirby art to enjoy, such as this great take on Mickey Mouse as Doctor Doom. Awesome! The following is the original article in its entirety.

Jack Kirby Museum Logo

Cool Jack Kirby Museum Logo!

I just found this on the Make Magazine website…an online museum dedicated to Jack Kirby’s comics career, art, and life! This site was just inaugerated on August 28, 2005 and features a biography of Jack along with a smattering of his fantastic art. There is also the beginnings of a database that the museum promises will be a “complete, online Kirby ‘Catalogue Raisonné’.”

Fancy-pants terminology aside, from a design point of view, the web site is really clean with a nice tabloid “feel” to it. The developer is using nice clean XHTML with CSS…my kind of designer! The logo is also really nice. Those bits of “Kirbyesque” machinery in it are choice! Kudos to the designer!

I think this site is a great beginning. With a lot more of Jack’s art and a few more features, it will be a really strong reminder of just how great an artist Jack Kirby really was.

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More Cap in 4–Color Glory!

January 5th, 2010 by Matt

Enter the Tumbler spash page

Splash page from “Enter…the Tumbler!!”
from Captain America Vol. 2

As promised, here is more Cap as only Jack Kirby could draw him!

On of my favorite stories in this series (Marvel Masterworks Captain America Vol. 2) was Enter…the Tumbler! This featured a previously unknown (and unused later on, as far as I know!) character with much of Cap’s acrobatic skills fighting him to a standstill. There was a nice twist to this story, though, that I won’t ruin here, but let’s just say that Cap fights back later on in the story in a big way!

Cap getting his head handed to him by the Tumbler

Cap getting his head handed to him in
“Enter…the Tumbler!!”
from Captain America Vol. 2

The story begins with the Tumbler totally (seemingly, you’ll know what I mean when you read this story!) kicking Cap’s butt! He actually wipes the place up with him and makes it look easy! See a full page of great Kirby action here.

Cap lays some Shield Magic on the Tumbler

Cap lays some “Shield Magic”
on the Tumbler!!
from Captain America Vol. 2

But of course, later on the story, Cap comes back and lays some hurt on Mr. Tumbler, who wonders what hit him! See Cap’s comeback in another full page of Kirby magic here.

This story featured some truly awesome action sequences by the great Jack Kirby in the prime of his career on a character he created in the 1940’s. You could buy this book for this story alone!

Cap takes in too Batroc

Cap takes it to Batroc the Leaper!
from Captain America Vol. 2

Another of my favorite stories in this Marvel Masterworks volume is The Blitzkrieg of Batroc! This alliterative masterpiece, written by the great Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby, again features ferocious action sequences with a great storyline featuring the mysterious Agent 13. This story, in my opinion, is the best Batroc story ever! Here, Batroc (Zee LeePair if you use zee fake French accent!) is indeed a match for Cap with his stunning leaping and acrobatic agility. This story also features the continuation of the budding Cap/Agent 13 romance that gives an extra dimension to an already great action-packed drama.


MODOK…Only a mother would love this guy!
from Captain America Vol. 2

Still another great storyline featured another great new villain from the fertile mind of Jack KirbyIf This Be…MODOK! It includes the great bad-guy spy ring known as A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics, for those of you wanting to be in the know) and this truly horrific new villain that only a mother could love. I still remember the first time I saw the grotesque form of MODOK as a kid. How could someone dream up such an ugly (and totally cool!) villain? To me, Marvel was the coolest comics company going. They had the best stories and the best art. There really was no comparison. And I think that it still shows that after all this time, (over 40 years!) these stories still rock!

Cap disappointed!

Don’t disappoint Cap!
Buy Marvel Masterworks
Captain America Vol. 2!

I could go on all day about this great collection of Captain America stories. Do yourself a favor…If you love Cap, go buy Marvel Masterworks Captain America Vol. 2. Do it! You wouldn’t want to disappoint Cap now, would you?

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Cap at his Fightin’ Best!

December 28th, 2009 by Matt

I was just re-reading those great Tales of Suspense Captain America stories in one of the latest Marvel Masterworks collections that Marvel has been energetically publishing in the last year or so. This volume collects Tales of Suspense numbers 82 thru 99, and Captain America #1. Man, they don’t make ’em like that anymore! This is Cap at his greatest with the legendary team of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee at the height of their storytelling powers. Cap leaps off the page with Kirby’s dynamic rendering and Stan keeps the drama and action plowing ahead with his great storylines.

Marvel Masterworks Captain America Vol. 2

Marvel Masterworks
Captain America Vol. 2

And what storylines! This volume contains an awesome four-part Red Skull storyline with appearances by Power Man, the Swordsman, and even Bucky, Cap’s 1940’s teen partner, in a surprising twist! There is also a cool storyline where Cap gets together with the mysterious Agent Thirteen, only to…but I won’t spill the beans! Read it yourself to find out! And one of the killer stories in this series introduces the villain known as Modok. Read it to believe it! When I get the time, I’ll devote a more detailed review of this Cap volume with lots of images!

If you have never read this series from the late 1960’s, (Now DON’T give me any of that “old guy” stuff!) do yourself a favor and take a look at Marvel Masterworks Captain America Vol. 2. Tales of Wonder is one of the best places I’ve found to buy them…great prices…great customer service. What more could you want?

For all things “Marvel Masterwork”, check out this terrific website. Truly excellent!

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