Book Design and Cover for “Will They Return”

authored by Matt

Will They Return Book Cover

“Will They Return” Book Cover

Here is a look at the complete wraparound cover, including barcode. The rifle and wreath symbol in the lower left corner is the symbol for the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. It was really important to the author to have this somewhere on the cover as this was a real source of pride to every infantryman who received it. It meant that you had been in action and under enemy fire.

I really like how the book turned out. It has a moodiness to it, a sense of mystery. And the author and his family really love it, which is the most important thing! really did an awesome job printing the book. The colors are rich and saturated with a nice gloss.

Will They Return Chapter Page Sample

“Will They Return” Chapter Sample

Here is a look at an interior chapter page. The inside paper is crisp and bright white and all of the illustrations really printed out nicely. The book is available now at Take a look!

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