Framing By Winton Sales Brochure

authored by Matt

Framing By Winton Company Sales Brochure–Cover

Framing By Winton Sales Brochure–Cover

Since we had just done Framing By Winton’s logo and business cards, my approach for this project was to utilize the “W” from their logo and insert actual frame scans to make each leg of the “W”. I made it large so that as the person opens the brochure, only a small portion shows, creating an interest to see the next page. I think this will give Framing By Winton a very classy image to prospective and existing clients.

Framing By Winton Company Sales Brochure–Opening Pages 1 and 2

Framing By Winton Sales Brochure–Opening Pages 1 and 2

As you open the page, you begin to see framing pieces, but what are they? What do they mean? You have to open the brochure fully to see! The right-side opening page features information about the company and what it can do for prospective clients. The company slogan is first introduced here and is repeated again inside the brochure for emphasis.

Framing By Winton Company Sales Brochure–Inner Spread

Framing By Winton Sales Brochure–Inner Spread

As you open the tri-fold brochure all the way, you see the full “W” at last. All of the main sales information is listed on these 3 pages, including the company logo, slogan, and product and service information. All of the text surrounds the “W” with no overlaps, making it the main focal point of the page, thus reinforcing the logo. The different frame pieces create interest.

Framing By Winton Company Sales Brochure–Mailer

Framing By Winton Sales Brochure–Mailer

The framing theme is carried over to the mailer panel of the brochure. I think a person will want to open this, don’t you?