All Pro Sports Business Correspondence and ID

authored by Matt

All Pro Sports Business Correspondence

All Pro Sports business id (logo) and correspondence.

A clean, elegant design that says “sports”. It also helps that the green color is reminiscent of a local pro baseball team, the Oakland Athletics!

For the logo part of this project, I applied a baseball superlative, “hitting it out of the park”, to this sports–related business. The green bar is the outfield fence, and the ball is headed out, symbolically saying that if you do business with All Pro Sports, you’re hitting a “home run”.

For the business card, I changed the logo up a bit. I took the green bar off and made the “sports” part of the text black. I then actually created a large green “fence”, with a darker–green diagonal piece to give it some depth, along the bottom part of the card. The “405”, as in 405 feet, rounds out the design.