The “Rogue Voice” of California’s Central Coast

March 8th, 2010 by Matt

I first discovered the Rogue Voice in 2006 during the 2 1/2 year period I lived and worked in the San Luis Obispo area. Really interesting reading. And it looks like they’re expanding their online presence, so I can get my “Rogue” fix.

For a few months now, I’ve been enjoying a terrific monthly publication produced in the San Luis Obispo area… the Rogue Voice. It is an independent journal, put together on a shoestring I’m sure, (note the “newspaper pullout” printing) that is characterized by the best writing I’ve come upon in awhile.

There are a number of regular writers in this “Literary Journal with an Edge,” including publisher Dell Franklin (Cabby’s Corner…yes he does drive a cab, see Sisters from South Central for an installment), Ben Leroux (Window Washing Across America, see Santa Fe Pride for a previous installment), Tito David Valdez, Jr. (who writes about life in correctional facilities, currently at Soledad, see Jailhouse Pruno for a previous installment of Life in the Cage), as well as excellent fiction by various authors. What all the articles and stories have in common, along with an edge, is that they are extremely well–written, thought–provoking, and entertaining. This along with interesting editorials and reader letters makes me really look forward to each new issue. Please see their website (via Blogger) to read a few of their stories. You’ll be hooked!

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