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July 29th, 2014 by Matt

Mikey's Swing

Mikey’s Swing

Mikey Kills It!

Mikey Kills It!

With all the fun I had watching (and photographing) Mikey playing baseball this past year, I am even more amazed at his natural swing at the plate! I wish I had this good of a swing when I was in baseball! (I know. This is at least a little of a Dad’s pride coming through, but I wasn’t the only one to see it!) This kid hits the ball with power, joy, and a resounding “THUMP!”

Both of these shots show the ball leaving the bat. In the second shot, you can even see the dust spray off the bat just as he hits it! I am proud of these shots, but even more proud of the boy who hit them!

My son has always been a naturally strong kid. There are numerous “Mikey” stories I could tell, but here are just two:

1) Mikey was just two (2!) days old and the lame new dad (me) was trying to get him to take a pacifier (binky) to sooth him. He was having NONE of it! He actually grabbed the binky out of my hand and tossed it away! A two day old kid did that!

2) We were in the car driving down to San Diego to visit family. I was driving. Mikey was not even one year old yet. He was sucking on a Dum-Dum lollipop, of course in his car seat in the back. All of a sudden, he figured he was done with the lollipop. I saw him throw it, kind of a flick of his arm. It was a blur. I could barely see it moving. I hear a “crikt”… IT CRACKED THE WINDSHIELD! Yikes!

I’ve always had the feeling that he was physically special. He is a natural in martial arts. (He gets his flexibility from his mom, thank God. Not me!) He has always been a tall kid. He is fast. (Again, Mom, not me!) And he got strength from both of us. I really look forward to the future to see what he does next! I’m sure it will surprise me!

Here are links to a couple of Mikey’s Padre games, (game 18 and game 16), if you are interested!

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