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Is this Matt Russell or…?

Well, let’s see…First of all, the picture shown here is not me when I was a baby. (I could only wish…) This is my son, Michael (aged about 3 months), affectionately (and with much originality!) nicknamed “Mikey.

Now where was I? Oh yes, about me…I am a San Diego–based software engineer, web and graphic designer, and landscape photographer.

Although I have been too busy in the last few years with software, I have been known to create the occasional web site, logo, print design, etc. for small businesses. I specialize in design with a very clean style. My designs are as simple, yet elegant, as I can make them. I also focus on standards–based design, which means I pay attention to usability issues for all concerned, including the sight–impaired. This also means I code my sites using CSS (cascading style sheets), which is a newer, more modern way of site creation, and allows both ease of update and ease of “look and feel” changes. It’s really a terrific way to go. Ask me about it! (Also please note: all traffic for my now–retired mattrussellgraphics.com website has been routed to matthewrussell.com. Thanks!)

My true passion is hiking, from which my landscape photography has developed. I love discovering new trails, as well as hiking my favorites through the seasons. I believe that some of my best photography has come from intimate knowledge of my favorite regional parks and trails. I grew up in the San Francisco bay area, and am very fond of the East Bay Regional Parks district. It is truly one of the gems of the bay area, in my opinion. As my photography has developed, I have participated in group shows, and have given a solo show or two. Please take a look at my photo gallery, which I update often.

Anyway, I personally hope you will shoot me an e–mail if you’re in the market for one of my photos, want to discuss photography techniques, or are interested in a website, logo, or other design project.

Matt Russell

About This Blog


I’m on the left… The good–looking one
on the right is my son, Mikey (5 1/2 months).

This is the my personal blog where I discuss various issues that interest me, including photography, the web, graphic design, movies, comics, politics, and any other subject I deem important for me to write about! I enjoy finding out about cool stuff and then sharing it with whoever is out there. I hope you get a kick out of some of the articles. Thanks!